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Update from Brie’s Family

We visited Bria’s family over the weekend and were able to pray with the family and bless them with a small gift. The husband is 42 years old and now is taking care of the 14 children with the help of the eldest daughter who is married. In his own words ‘ everything happened so fast and only the Lord knew why, if I knew that she will be taken I would have died before her and not been able to continue life’ He is overwhelmed and in mourning, the church is supporting them through this very difficult time and many are praying for them. It’s been just over a month since Tamara went to be with the Lord. We’re thinking of helping the children to have a week away for a short holiday. This helped my family when our mother was called to be with the Lord. Let me know your thoughts. Let’s continue to pray for this family. Seb @Ahava Jerusalem

The Go Fund Me page is still ongoing:

Sister Tamara Brie
Brie Family
Ahava Jerusalem

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