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Thousands of Ukrainians have fled the country in the past 24 hours after Russia launched an all out invasion of the country on Vladimir Putin’s personal orders in the early hours of Thursday.

Cars had today been backed up for several miles in cities and border crossings as Ukrainians rushed to leave the country with many cars being abandoned after running out of petrol on route.  

Authorities in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova mobilized to receive them, offering them shelter, food and legal help – and eased their usual border procedures, including Covid-19 testing requirements.  

It came as Russian troops were bearing down on Kyiv after advancing from Chernobyl, less than 60 miles north of the city, this afternoon. 

Ukrainian troops tasked with the city’s defence began setting up defensive positions across highways, on bridges and on street corners in preparation for what seemed set become a bloody street-to-street fight.

To help support the refugees:


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