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We’re looking to purchase a property for my family and have a home office. This will enable us to dedicate ourselves to the ministry full time.

This will also be developed for mainly online missionary ministry and helping those in need.

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  1. For Danut Podut and his family. He is a teacher of the Christian Religion. His central heating exploded when there was a power cut. Part of the house was damaged and is only covered temporarily.

    The situation has been confirmed by Ahava Jerusalem. All funds will be transferred directly to the person and records will be available for anyone to see.

    We want to raise $2000 to help him get a new central heating system and repairs to the property.
    More information to follow up.

Update: 01/03/22 – Campaign is Complete – Thank you all for your donations.

2. Christian Relief for Ukrainian Refugees Update 23/03/22 This Campaign is Completed, we have received £1814.62 in Donations. Part when to a pastor in South Ukraine and the rest will go to MGM christian who are working day and night with the refugees at the Northern border of Romania. We’re raising relief funds for refugees from Ukraine that are going to Romania. We’ve posted updates form journey and post it to our Youtube Channel.